Slack, the workplace social network

Slack is one of those “once in a life-time companies” that is soaring in revenue/valuation…Aiming to go public some time in the next year or so, the “rocket ship company” is catching the hype cycle. Everyone is tweeting and talking about Slack, but I am not so optimistic.

I do not think Slack is that great!! (not that my opinion matters much, as millions of people use the app daily)

Slack claims to be the place where “real work happens.” They brand themselves as a productivity tool.

I do not buy it.

I see Slack as a social network designed for the workplace, disguised as a productivity tool.

As much as I depend on Slack, I am still hoping for something better. I refuse to believe that this is the ultimate workplace communication tool. There must be something better! A lot. Better.

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