What is in my control?

For years, I struggled with compartmentalization. I let my anxiety and worries leak into various parts of my life and affect my ability to be present.

I think many people actually “suffer from this problem,” as they let distractions seep into their daily thoughts. This makes it really hard to enjoy the moment.

A tool I use, that perhaps you find valuable, is asking whether or not an emotion, worry, or thought is in my control at that particular moment.

I try to spend as much time as possible on the very few items that I have control over in that particular space and time.

I find that most of my worries are about things that I have no control over. There is literally nothing I can do to impact any of these things..so why let them come into my present moment and ruin my flow state?

I am religious about spending time on things I care about and not letting stressors take up too much of my precious time.