What’s Next

by Jordan Gonen

by Jordan Gonen

Hey! It has officially been over a week living in SF and time is moving quickly. I hope all has been good with you.


Articles to Read.

The Uncanny Mind Who Built Ethereum: Meet Vitak Buterin, the once teenager hacker who is now transforming the world of crypto

Can cars easily be hacked?

The Effectiveness and Rising Use of The Placebo Effect in Medicine

Thoughts on WWDC 2017

A hardware update for the human brain

Unbundling Capital

Climbing Yosemite without a Rope

Does multi-tasking make you more or less productive?

The ins and outs of paid shoutouts on Instagram

You and Your Research

The Four Dimensions of A Demand Generation Portfolio

Companies to Watch.

Unboxed — Watch influencers unbox tech

Sony Digital Paper — A new type of paper?!?

Zeus — How we got our apartment for this summer in SF

You made it to the end! Thanks for reading 👋

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My Update:

– Just finished reading “The Wealth of Humans” — really interesting! What have you been reading?

– If you are in SF (or know anyone here), would love to get coffee or something!

– Launching something new (and small) very soon.

  • I want to turn this newsletter into a medium publication and just re-post the content there. We’ll see if that happens this week or not.