Why Do You Do What You Do

It’s an important question:

Why Do You Do What You DoIt’s an important question:


It’s an important question:

Why do you do what you do?

And for a while…I did not have a great answer.

It is crucial to know why you are doing something. That answer shapes your decisions and will, in the long run, determine your success. People who have good intentions overcome obstacles better.

Cheaters never win. Ever.

While I still may not have the perfect answer, I think even just “checking” your reasoning is extremely beneficial. This “check” wakes up your core identity, questions comfort, and pushes you forward.

So why do you like business? Why do you want to “do” business?

For me, it came down to one simple thing: I love solving interesting problems.

Perhaps a bit of a selfish reason, but I believe that my biggest contribution, where I can add the most value to society, is in a place in the world of business. I love using resources at my disposal to enhance an experience, product, platform…whatever it may be. And that is the beauty of business, there are so many problems out there.

What is your reasoning for doing what you do?

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By jordangonen on March 20, 2016.

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