There are so many different ways to become successful, and everyone’s path is very different.

Hindsight Bias

Looking back and finding a flaw is easy. It is often very evident as to where you went wrong.

Viral Dust

People have a misconception about achieving “virality.” They think that you can just plan to go viral, at the push of a button.

march is mad

This is not really going to be a blog post about anything interesting — moreso a public mental note to never again bet money for march…

Read A Lot

Something that I do, something that I think everyone should do, is read. As much as possible.


Really quickly…think of the community that you live in. Your school, living area, workplace, whatever.

My Biggest Fear

Woah, pretty dramatic title. Must be an important post. I’d say it is a pretty defining question. Fears shape your decisions and choices.