One Thing a Day

I am, more and more, trying to focus my energies on one thing every single day. I think there is this misconception that highly productive people do lots and lots of things. I find that, anecdotally, this is false. I find that the people I see getting the most done in fact focus on the least amount of things every day. Of course there are exceptions, but I think at least one lens for finding ways to become highly productive is to simply focus on less things.

A way to start is just to try and accomplish one thing that you really care about each and every day. It sounds simple, and perhaps mundane, but honestly I find it can prove effective.

One thing.

Every single day.

Determining what that thing is, however, is very challenging. But start with one. One problem, one topic, one thing you know you could achieve in a given time period that will push you to your limit.

In a day full of busy-ness, we tend to avoid that one thing that really matters.

One thing.