Unintended Consequences

I am not sure how much I agree with the details of this, but the overall message is interesting.

Essentially, begs the question, do you ever think about the externalities of the charity that you do.

I also cannot verify the details. But interesting thought experiment.

Read this article. It is about the unintended consequences of giving money to Charity.

I am never upset with people for donating money to a charitable cause. Let me take that back. I could not imagine getting upset with someone for donating to charity (of course, this is the assumption that I am in support of the charity they are raising money for).

But on a macro-level, it may make sense to not give money to some charities as it can net decrease something.

But then again, do we analyze EVERYTHING down to an economic level? Or sometimes do we just let “doing the right thing” take over?