I wrote about Facebook yesterday, and then I saw this article so I thought why not continue the streak. …continue reading →


The technology space seems to move so fast. What parts of history will be remembered and which tiny fragments will be cut out? Will anyone care in 50 years if Snapchat's new filters mattered? …continue reading →

Breakout List

When I apply for a job or internship ~ one thing that I look for is to join a team that is:
  • growing fast
  • solving an important problem
  • fun to work with
  • a place I can add value
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Making A Difference

Technology is moving so quickly. Not everyone wants change. Not everyone is ready for change. Not everyone realizes what technology can do for them. …continue reading →

Heads Down

There are way too many distractions out there. It has become increasingly challenging for my brain to sift through the mess of information that is being thrown my way. Garbage. There is absolute garbage sitting out there on a number of different social media sites baiting you to consume. …continue reading →