Uncovering Truth

Is the world better off with accessible truth? What I mean by that is the world better off when there is universal access to information? …continue reading →

Opt In

Dear future version of Jordan, this blog post is a reminder. This is a super simple message that present Jordan (aged 21) wishes someone had warned previous Jordans about (especially 18 year old Jordan). This is a simple idea that current Jordan hopes future Jordan will remember. …continue reading →

Value for Sale

This essay is somewhat inspired by one of my favorite "product-related" blog posts of all time, by Stewart Butterfield, the CEO and Co-Founder of Slack. …continue reading →

Keys to History: The Story of Kennewick Man

Who owns history? It is a highly disputed question that has no simple answer. It is a question that not only affects our view of the past, but also shapes the way we look to build our future. But our historical lens is often clouded. Even in today‚Äôs modern world, our opinion of history is completely bound to the knowledge we have available. Scientific findings, ancient stories, and a variety of other factors each uniquely contribute to this pool of collective knowledge that is so important to society. …continue reading →

Komodo Dragons

Perhaps you have found yourself questioning your spirit animal or in a heated debate over which species is really the "King of the Animal Kingdom." I will save you some time, there is a right answer. …continue reading →

Strategic Decisions

"Strategy is what you say no to. Every product team needs to make an active choice about the game they are playing so that they can win it." - Source I saw this quote the other day and really liked it. I think I like it for a few reasons, so that to expand upon my thoughts. …continue reading →

Financial Education

I think there is a big opportunity for companies (or people) to help bring about financial awareness and general education about personal finance. This an area, seemingly, where the gap between "educated" and "uneducated" people (in terms of knowledge of personal finance) is only seeming to grow. …continue reading →


I think that "cleverness" is one of the most valuable and useful attributes. I think of cleverness as "hacky" - being able to get anything done, no matter the obstacles or circumstances. Perhaps this is an unusual definition for a fairly simple adjective, but, to me, clever people find loopholes. …continue reading →
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