A Grain of Salt

Nearly a year and a half ago is when I began my attempt to "break into the tech world." To do that, I hustled, networked, whatever you want to call it by talking to hundreds and hundreds of people. 

Breaking Bubbles

Now in my life, perhaps more than ever, I make a conscious and purposeful effort to break out of the "bubbles" that I live in.

It starts with awareness. Most of us are not even cognizant of what is happening. Most of us are so far "deep" in the trenches of our own bias that we cannot see reality. We cannot see humanity. We accept the status quo and do things because "they have always been done that way." We do not ask why. We follow the path. 


Throughout your life, you meet so many different types of people. Among them will be those who doubt you. The haters. The non-believers. I am sure you can, if you think for a second, picture that individual right now.