True Experiments

I am a big proponent of testing assumptions. Whether it is my personal life, or a new idea I am working on, I am always working on testing an assumption that will prove to me I am headed down the right path.

Rarely Really Alone

Growing up, I do not think that I ever realized just how impactful the people you surround yourself with are and can be on your life. The old mantra that you are the sum product of your five closest friends, while I have always thought to be generally true, never really clicked for me.


For better or worse, I think a lot of what I do is motivated by my desire to be and feel independent. What I mean by that is I do not want to be bound to others' decisions. I do not want to live my life as a cog in a machine or a product of other people's actions. 

Dockless Bikes

The modern city will be optimized for people (not cars). While it will take time, cities of today will transform as driverless cars pick up in popularity and people realize that we need less and less space for cars and parking.