Moving items

Moving items

Writing this down for the sake of writing this down - I think logistics is a space that will be massively disrupted over the next few decades. That is not necessarily a super unique prediction - tons of companies are now entering the space - but it is one that I think will be impactful. …continue reading →
Simple Words

Simple Words

In this essay, I consider big words to be complicated, advanced words. I think of simple words as basic, elementary type-words. Learning to write with simple words is really hard. I think, especially in school (high-school), students are taught that complex terminology is more sophisticated and professional. …continue reading →

Creation of Ideologies

This essay is not about "religious" beliefs (Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, etc.). It is not a political argument. Rather, these thoughts explore the notion of "what is a religion?" in the first place? …continue reading →

Physical Space

Space is underrated. Not the atmosphere kind of space, I am talking about talking about the bedroom kind of space. The floor kind of space. Owning/renting your own place is empowering.

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I wish I understood

As a person who greatly values personal liberties, I think the right to ask questions is extremely important. As you can tell by the nature of this blog...I ask tons of questions. While I do not always say them out loud, I am always thinking, in my head, how things work, why things are a certain way, and if they could/should be changed. This can get annoying to others. It can also be annoying to me. …continue reading →


I subscribe to the notion that "what you think about" - on a very meta level - determines how you make decisions. This is obvious to most people, but still nuanced. Controlling what you think about, effectively training and reinforcing your "monkey mind," is a learned behavior that can be taught and practice. It is natural, I think for humans, to let their minds wander. Wandering is good. But so is control. And what I seek is control, some times. …continue reading →


I make no claims to be an expert at this, but here are some of my thoughts around meetings that I have gathered over the years. None of this is based off of one particular experience, but rather a collective of perspectives I have borrowed and learned from others over the years. This is not prescriptive advice, either, it is just how I think about meetings when it comes to productivity and companies. It is also a work-in-progress...none of these thoughts are crystalized. …continue reading →

Risk versus Fear

I think we often confuse risk and fear - especially when making critical life decisions. I was talking about this with a friend the other day and it sparked an interesting conversation. …continue reading →