The people matter most

I wish that job descriptions, instead of just highlighting the role, would also list the manager that you were reporting to. I imagine it would be tough to integrate at scale, but imagine how cool this would be as a job applicant.

Repeatable Processes

I read some version of this quote the other day that really stuck with me: "you do not have to be 10x better than everyone else to be wildly more successful. You just have to be a little bit better and execute on that advantage over a long period of time."

Solving problems

There are generally clear signs when people are interested in business for the sake of doing business versus actually the type of person who enjoys solving problems and building out solutions. 


Sometimes we do things just for the checkmark. I have tried to cut lots of those things out of my life, but I still find myself investing my time in resources in things without conviction - just for the checkmark.