How much of human behavior can be explained? It is an interesting question, bordering the lines of nature vs nurture, that has no universally accepted answer.

Working for/with the Best People

It is becoming a bit of an overused phrase nowadays to "optimize for people" - aka always try and surround yourself with the absolute "best" people possible. Sure, we are all striving for that. After all...who wants to surround themselves with the worst people? 

The Glue

Anywhere I have ever worked, whether that be a big company like Uber or super small startup or even school club or basketball team, there is always one person who holds the team together. This person is "the glue."

Disruptive Change vs Augmentation

I think that the "Silicon Valley" brand emphasizes "disruptive technologies" aka ones that completely undermine industries and flip things on their backs. Total world shifters - mind benders - things that you only see in movies that truly are able to shift the world.