Phones are Casinos

It feels like every so often I find myself writing an essay about “taking a break from distractions.”


The Gutenberg Editor

Over my years of writing daily blog posts, I have tried out numerous publishing tools. In general, I do my best to keep things stupid simple. I want as little friction as possible. I want to focus on the words and the little aesthetic I deem necessary (perhaps an image or two and easy to read links). And I want the posts to last forever! 


“I am not assuming”

try my best to never assume anything. This, of course, is impractical and rarely fully implemented at the pace of the real world. As humans, our instinct is to judge. Biologically, our gut prompts us to make decisions quickly. We adopt a broad set of contextual heuristics that we use to efficiently categorize and process foreign concepts. 



I am interested in understanding what makes something obvious. “Something,” in this circumstance, really refers to anything from cultural icons to phrases to terminologies. I am curious about.. “what makes” a thing obvious to large groups of people? Put another way, I am interested in understanding what makes something understood and accepted by the masses? 


Digital Coworking

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As micro-civilizations organize in various forms (cities, regions, countries, cults, clubs, etc.) throughout the world, I believe that we, as a species, will iteratively get closer and closer to what I think of as a “state of information density.” I see information density –  the flux of ideologies between peoples – as a primary driver of innovation and societal progress.


Second System Effect

I am very cognizant to avoid replacing and rebuilding just for the sake of it. I think the second system effect describes this bias well: 

The second-system effect (also known as second-system syndrome) is the tendency of small, elegant, and successful systems, to be succeeded by over-engineered, bloated systems, due to inflated expectations and overconfidence.[1]


Investing Time in College

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I think one path to productivity is maximizing how, when, and where you allocate your time. I have by no means mastered efficiency, nor pretend to be an expert. But I do have this rather unique strategy that I have applied to my own workflow over the years. I am not sure if it is truly “re-produceable,” nor am I saying it is a a recipe you can follow to get a certain type of guaranteed result.