Let Builders Build

As I was interning this summer at Uber, I learned a lot about the importance of cultural values and how they shape your company. If you have read the news at all lately, you'd know it is an important time for Uber. They have to make lots of really big decisions - ones that will likely determine the long term impact and success of the company. 

I'm Sorry

Today is Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, and a really important day to me. It is the day of atonement, a day where we stop with everything else going on in the world, and internalize our year.

Micro vs Macro Thinking

Lately, I have spent a bit of time thinking about "what to work on next" and have come to a bit of a crossroads. Perhaps there is more intersectionality and overlap than I will give credit in this essay, but nonetheless, here is the challenge.

Peer Mentorship

While I think mentorship is important, I'd say that there are a surplus of "unqualified" willing to mentor people and a shortage of "overly qualified," yet not easily available, people. I think plenty of people are willing to give out advice. The internet is full of it! And though you can learn something from anyone - a lot of that advice comes in recipe form, while the reality is that it is not prescriptive.