The Death of Underdogs

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Are we still excited about “startups?” Or has the glorification of technology culture ruined the under-dog story? 


The Best Case

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How “best” is the best case? I find this question invaluable for uncovering my willingness to *truly* commit myself to a decision.



Much as I am inspired by the irrationality of art, I admire people who exhibit precision and craft. To me, craft is about being proud of your work – no matter the breadth of it. “Craftspeople” perfect the little things that seem pointless. They dot their I’s, use a ruler whenever possible, and will restart if something is wrong. What is most fascinating and admirable, to me, is this dwindling cohort of people who truly care about harnessing and exercising their talents. 


Dear Freshman Me

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With four weeks remaining before my “first day of my final year” of formal schooling, I have collected some thoughts on my “college experience” thus far. This essay is not comprehensive or prescriptive. It is not a recipe for others to follow.  Rather, it is an open letter to a prior version of myself. If that last statement – a prior version of myself – sounds bizarre to you…well it should. I write this to think and learn about myself, not to teach.


Everyone Else

This essay is a note to my future self.

2 months from now, when I am back in school, life will be mentally challenging. It will probably be one of the “harder” phases of my life – in which I will need to endure extreme social / professional pressure.



I have this weird relationship with “identity” and I will try my best to explain it in this short essay.