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I have been sending an email newsletter every single Monday for the past year. It has been an interesting experience, building a community of people who I get to provide value to and interact with. 

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Compounding Lies

Lying is convenient and lazy. Lying is a short term optimization that occludes or procrastinates long term consequences. We lie to escape reality. We lie to cover the truth and set new norms. The reality, though, is that deceit is incredibly dangerous to our moral conscious - an abstract sphere of our soul that ages in parallel to our human bodies. 

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Are you born with “it” or can you develop “it?”

"It" is hard to describe. Of course, I'll try my best to explain the concept, but "it" is one of those things that has a presence. Surely you have been exposed to or at least heard of the phenomenon before...someone walks into a room and something about them just clicks. They get "it." 

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I care about you

I have always struggled walking the fine line between "nice and kind." My problem, more specifically defined, is that I often see a large delta between being "short term nice" and "long term thoughtful." 

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Send Thank You Notes

I fundamentally believe in people. I believe that, in the spirit of acceleration, other individuals can be the cheat codes to your success. I do not believe in manipulating people like pawns - I really do not implement much of "how to win friends and influence people." I take a genuine approach to life, and really do care about the long term futures of others. 

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Do we need more or less time?

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I was having a discussion the other day with a friend that I wanted to further think through. The conversation ended without closure, so as I am writing this I still have not crystalized my thoughts. 

Long story short, the topic was the merit of the following idea: would an extra 2 hours a day make you better off? I said no. He said yes. And we could not come to a consensus as to why our opinions differed.

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My Theory about Experts and the Modern Economy

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I have this "strategic theory" (likely heavily influenced by others) about how the modern economy works and how it is likely to change in the future. 

Throughout various sectors of the working class, we find "experts." Experts range in technical specifications, some are doctors, others are loan officers, and you also have everything across a wide spectrum (construction worker, software engineer, etc.). 

My theory is that experts, today, are unfairly compensated for doing unexpert tasks. 

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You Are What You Do

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Over the past several years, I think I have spent a substantial amount of time trying to better understand myself. I believe that self-awareness is not an "end-state," but rather a continual journey of discovery in which one develops an acute understanding of his/her world. This is a unique experience for each and every person, one that occurs on an infinite time-horizon, with various obstacles, difficulties, and surprises. 

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